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Cybe Sponsors are the people who contributed over $10,000 or earned over 10,000 Activity Points.

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Ashwini Sharma

Joined Cybe 11-Aug-2009
Contribution: Was involved defining the program methodology and the document templates for the Altercities program SDLC, ran the Pilot project as a learning for the other project threads to commence in the program and delivery of standalone product appliances.

Personal Message: AlterCities program when harnessed to the fullest potential has the power to revolutionize internet like Google and Facebook have done in their own manner in past..

Eduardo Sifontes

Joined Cybe 24-Aug-2009
Contribution: Pioneer of methods, shops, contacts, and overall application overview.

Personal Message: If you think the internet has changed people’s life..wait for Cybe!.

Thomas Freund

Joined Cybe 21-Nov-2009
Contribution: Defined the initial version of the architecture of Online Dwellings.

Personal Message: Never be afraid to be bold and think truly outside the box..