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Cybe Pioneers are the people who helped conceive the idea of Cybe

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Alexander Katz

Joined Cybe 08-Jun-2010
Contribution: Was involved in the critical analysis of the network security model for Online Dwellings.

Personal Message: Every day, with every thing you do - try to break the walls of prejudice and containment..

Alik Barsegian

Joined Cybe 12-Apr-2008
Contribution: Founding member of the Cybe Initiative, Alik has led and directed all the initial efforts of defining the concept of Cybe and all of its constituent parts.

Personal Message: Great ideas are dime a dozen. Teams that can make ideas happen are precious..

Ashwini Sharma

Joined Cybe 11-Aug-2009
Contribution: Was involved defining the program methodology and the document templates for the Altercities program SDLC, ran the Pilot project as a learning for the other project threads to commence in the program and delivery of standalone product appliances.

Personal Message: AlterCities program when harnessed to the fullest potential has the power to revolutionize internet like Google and Facebook have done in their own manner in past..

Dinesh Singh

Joined Cybe 18-Dec-2009
Contribution: The original Project Manager of the Studios project.

Personal Message: None supplied..

Eduardo Sifontes

Joined Cybe 24-Aug-2009
Contribution: Pioneer of methods, shops, contacts, and overall application overview.

Personal Message: If you think the internet has changed people’s life..wait for Cybe!.

George Tale

Joined Cybe 24-May-2010
Contribution: Eagle of cities, entertainment and virtual worlds!

Personal Message: Believe me, in all there's room for improvement! So start the change!.

Hitesh Timbadia

Joined Cybe 29-Jan-2010
Contribution: Provided the vision to livable cities in a whole new world.

Personal Message: Our world has given us opportunities... the journey continues with us... beyond our wildest dreams!.

Jim George

Joined Cybe 06-Apr-2010
Contribution: Applied banking background to issues related to payments and alternatives for funding the undertaking.

Personal Message: I see the emergence of the phrase “Crowd-sourcing” and Cybe seems like a pioneering effort in that. I look forward to being a user..

Julia Afflekt

Joined Cybe 08-Dec-2009
Contribution: Julia is the winner of the Cybe and Altercities initial logo design competition. She has also created the image of a girl's room for one of the Personal Online Dwellings prototypes.

Personal Message: None offered..

Julia Rasmussen

Joined Cybe 29-Aug-2009
Contribution: Pioneer of methods. Julia participated in the initial efforts of defining, establishing and testing of the project procedures.

Personal Message: None offered..

Kinan Faham

Joined Cybe 10-Nov-2009
Contribution: Participated in the initial design meetings, use case discussions & integrated software systems used by project members such as eGroupWare and moodle.

Personal Message: Better start thinking outside the box..

Mark L. Levinson

Joined Cybe 29-Aug-2009
Contribution: As a corporate writer, helped set out the project’s visions of a new must-have software layer and of the benign corporate culture behind it.

Personal Message: They can discover new sources of energy, but they can't discover new sources of time..

Paul Benedetto

Joined Cybe 15-Nov-2009
Contribution: Was involved in early stages of project, assisting with financial and legal framework / development.

Personal Message: Altercities has been a great concept. The enormous sweat equity put in by a truly global group of individuals, acting as a team was/is inspiring. Go CYBE!.

Swanand Pathak

Joined Cybe 12-Nov-2009
Contribution: Alik's project was an excellent opportunity for me to work remotely and contribute to a next generation kinda project at my leisure. I helped develop the project and take it to the next level[may be...:D], at the same time got a chance to lay my hands on some new tools and configure them completely for this project. I gained good knowledge while helping to build the infrastructure for Cybe

Personal Message: This is a kinda unique project, one should try to contribute as per his caliber. Contributing to online projects like these, is a great start for future office work practice..:D
Alik has been working on this project with people of different skills, from different parts of the world, and has been achieved great success with his dedication and leadership qualities.. I wish him all the best !!! And Of course will continue to contribute whenever I can....!!!.

Taras Pich

Joined Cybe 08-Mar-2009
Contribution: A member since early 2009 and one of the original contributors to the Personal Information Portal (PIP) Conceptual Design which led to the development of the Personal Online Dwelling (POD); the appliances that would be used in a POD and other online dwellings. Evaluated and provided recommendations on initial methodologies and tools.

Personal Message: Cвіть належить до Відважних (The world belongs to those who dare).

Thomas Freund

Joined Cybe 21-Nov-2009
Contribution: Defined the initial version of the architecture of Online Dwellings.

Personal Message: Never be afraid to be bold and think truly outside the box..



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