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Today, we, the common users of the Internet, have no ownership of our personal information.
Our very identities are being exploited by private commercial interests and we have no control over it.Everything we say and do on the Internet is used by the powerful web ‘landlords’ to make billions of dollars for themselves.

These ‘landlords’ – the powerful internet corporations – dictate what we can and cannot do online.
Their decisions on what products and services to provide and how, are based on their commercial interests, not our needs.
We have no real power and no control over how we use the Internet – we just take what we’re given.

But things don’t have to be this way.

Imagine the Internet where we, the individuals, are holding the power and control over our digital identity.
Imagine the Internet where we and only we decide how, when and who gets our personal information.
Imagine the Internet where the interests of the common people are balanced with the interests of commercial corporations.

The time has come for us to stop being Internet Users and start being Internet Owners.

We must take back our power, assume control of our identity and claim our right for self-determination within the digital domain!

This is a movement to create a better, more democratic Internet.

The Internet of People, for People and by People.

Justice, Land and Freedom!

This old revolutionary slogan is as relevant in the Digital age as it was in the Agrarian.

When we look closely, we find that the Internet of today is a free-for-all for anyone with money and power.

We find that the commercial corporations are in a ‘land grab’ mode, trying to carve out as much of the digital landscape for themselves as they can.

We find that the governments around the world are scrambling for control over the Internet and are engaged in power struggles with the corporates.

We find us, the common folk, with no protection, no ‘land’ of our own, and no other choice but to use the commercial infrastructure on the Internet.

There are no independent international organizations that can stand up to the corporates and the various governments on behalf of the common people.
None that can provide alternative free and open source infrastructure for us to use as we please.

So we must do it ourselves – we must create such an organization – a powerful international non-profit corporation that is capable of protecting our interests and providing us with a genuine voice and a genuine choice – The Cybe Corporation

By The People, For The People

The Cybe Corporation is envisaged as a worldwide, democratic, non-partisan and non-profit organization.

An organization created by people and for people.

An organization capable of standing up to commercial corporations and governments across the world, to represent our interests and protect our rights.

The power and influence of the Cybe Corporation will come from the support of the masses of common Internet users around the world.

The Cybe Corporation will be governed by democratically elected Board of Directors, consisting of well-respected individuals of international acclaim, from both business and social spheres.

The Cybe Corporation will set up its headquarters in Australia and establish subsidiaries (Cybesidiaries) in every country.

The Cybesidiaries will be registered as non-profit organizations in their respective countries and be responsible for conveying the opinions and wishes of their constituents to the Board of Directors.

The Cybe Corporation will also be responsible for developing the public infrastructure for the Internet to give the common people an opportunity to own their own piece of the Virtual Land

Online Dwellings

Although the Internet does not have the physical limitations of the real land and is seemingly open to everyone to post a website, the vast majority of the common people around the world have no resources or the technical expertise necessary to establish an effective web presence.

Without web presence, without a foothold on the Internet we have no real power and no real voice, because if you don’t live on the land, you don’t have a say.

Online Dwellings are virtual residences on the Internet, designed to provide an effective web presence to individuals and small businesses.

Online Dwellings are free, open source web-based applications that are self-contained, independent and highly portable.

There can be as many different kinds of Online Dwellings as there are types of human activities.
For example, there are:

Personal Online Dwellings (POD)
Shop Online Dwellings
Office Online Dwellings
Library Online Dwellings
Studio Online Dwellings
Bank Online Dwellings
Post Office Online Dwellings
Clinic Online Dwellings
And many others…

Together, these web applications form a standardized environment (Cybe), in which the common people can conduct their day-to-day activities safely, securely, simply and easily, without needing technical expertise and with a great degree of Freedom.

Project Cybe

Project Cybe is the first public infrastructure project for the Internet that will substantially reduce our dependence on commercial providers and create a balance of power between suppliers and consumers of digital products and services.

We, the common people, are the largest economic force on the planet and yet we are participating in the online economy only as consumers.
We lack the basic infrastructure – the tools that would enable us to become providers of products and services to each other.

Online Dwellings will provide such infrastructure and give the common people a chance to participate in the online economy on an equal footing with the larger commercial players thus ensuring a more fair distribution of wealth across the globe.

The scope of the Project Cybe includes the development of the Core Online Dwelling and the multitude of add-on modules, which, when added to the core, create the different kinds of Online Dwellings in order to facilitate different kinds of human activities.

Project Cybe is an all-inclusive initiative. It is not at war with any existing company or technology – quite to the contrary.
It seeks to provide a common ground for everything that’s already out there in the digital domain, to connect and integrate and make things work in a better, fairer way for everyone – but most importantly for the common people, like me and YOU.


The future – our future, depends on what we do or don’t do today.

Your every action today determines your tomorrow. So does the lack of action.

What future do you want for yourself, have you given it a thought?
Will you take a stand today for your rights and your freedom tomorrow?
Will you make it your fight, or will you sit this one out?

Decide now that you will be one of the brave leaders who will democratize the Internet for all of us and the generations to come.

There is a lot you can do today – right now, right here on this site.

The first step is to let the world know where you stand. Your voice counts!

Once you Sign Up, you can help spread the message of Cybe, you can volunteer your time and skills, you can help us brainstorm how to do things better. We need your help. The world needs your help.

Welcome to Cybe!