The Cybe Corporation


The plan is to build the world’s first completely open and transparent, truly public and totally virtual corporation (The Cybe Corporation) that will look after the interests of the common people and develop Cybe as public infrastructure for the benefit of all Humanity.

There is a fundamental flaw in the way the Internet has been developing to date.

In the real world, the combination of the private and public sectors delivers a balance of power and a more equalized access to resources, necessary for a healthy economic growth and shared prosperity of all members of society.

Not so on the Internet. Until now, it’s expansion and utilization have primarily been dictated by commercial interests of a handful of large corporations and the numerous startup contenders, fighting for a share of the digital landscape.

The lack of adequate public infrastructure – free and open source software, prevents the individuals and small business operators from effectively providing goods and services to each other on the Internet.

As a result, the largest economic force – the common people, are only participating in the online economy as consumers.

There is a distinct lack of a powerful independent body representing the interests of the general public, which could provide the public infrastructure for the Internet.

The Cybe Corporation is envisaged as a worldwide, democratic, non-partisan and non-profit organization, capable of standing up to commercial corporations and lobbying governments across the world, to protect the interests of the common people.

The Cybe Corporation will operate as a hybrid of a commercial and non-profit organizations.

Its main source of funding will come from the mixture of member contributions, government grants and service-based revenue.

All proceeds beyond covering the costs will be re-invested in further public infrastructure projects.

The Cybe Corporation will be organized according to the following principles:

  1. Complete public ownership – no commercial, governmental, social or political organization is allowed to participate in the governing and running of The Cybe Corporation
  2. Any individual from any society in any country is entitled to membership and being represented by The Cybe Corporation
  3. Every individual, commercial, governmental, social or political group that wishes to participate in the development of Cybe in an advisory role is given an opportunity to be heard.
  4. The Cybe Corporation actively seeks input from relevant and reputable industry leaders, governmental and educational organizations
  5. The Cybe Corporation is governed by a group of well-respected individuals of international acclaim, from both business and social spheres, who serve as the Board of Directors, led by the Chairman
  6. All operations of The Cybe Corporation including its financial records, plans and strategies are completely transparent and open to public scrutiny (except data protected by privacy laws)
  7. The Cybe Corporation is a totally virtual organization, based exclusively on the Internet, employing qualified individuals from all over the world according to the principles of equal opportunity.

The Cybe Corporation will set up its headquarters in Australia and establish subsidiaries (Cybesidiaries) in every country.

The Cybesidiaries will be registered as non-profit organizations in their respective countries and be responsible for collecting funds locally as well as conveying the opinions and wishes of their constituents to the Board of Directors.

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