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Become a Cybe AmbassadorThe Cybe Ambassador program rewards those who help spread the message of Cybe through their social networks, personal contacts, the media and through word of mouth. Are you social, easygoing and have lots of friends? Or do you have influence among your colleagues and followers? Join the Cybe Ambassador Program
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Help lobby your governmentGovernments all around the world should contribute to the creation of the global infrastructure that will benefit all their citizens. Sign the petition asking your government to support the Cybe Initiative financially and otherwise and we will lobby the government on your behalf. Ask your government to support Cybe!
Contribute knowledge and ideasHelp us shape the Internet to meet your needs, the needs of your community, your country and your world.
Share your opinions, knowledge and ideas – Get involved in the MyCybe Community
Organize / Join a Cybesidiary in your countryCybesidiaries are non-profit organizations set up in various countries under the auspices of the Cybe Corporation. Their purpose is to represent the interests of the local population and assist the Cybe Corporation in its local activities and communications. Is your country represented?