The Internet’s largest public infrastructure project


Our plan is to create a free and open-source platform made up of a vast network of independent personal clouds called Online Dwellings™.

This platform will be designed to serve the needs of individuals and small businesses.
Essentially, it will be a virtual environment that mimics the real life, where an individual, a family or a business has a dwelling.

Just like the dwellings in real life, Online Dwellings will make our lives easier, safer and more productive. They will:

  • Dramatically improve the management, security and privacy of our personal data
  • Allow the use of fully functional, open-source apps, independent of hardware
  • Create a home base necessary to enable effortless and secure interactions online

Online Dwellings™ — virtual residences on the Internet

Each residence provides an ‘operations central’ for the people who reside there.

In real life, a dwelling provides a location for personal conduct and supplies such as water, gas, electricity, and postal services. An Online Dwelling enables a location for our Internet activities, as well as for virtual supplies – products and services that we consume online.

Without our own virtual residence, we must go out to suppliers. With our own residence, the suppliers can come to us.

This new dynamic will ensure greater security, convenience and create more competition, resulting in improved services and lower prices.

Online Dwellings will be independent and portable. You’ll be able to have yours hosted with the Web Hosting Service of your choice and move to another one with ease.

Other Types of Online Dwellings

While most people will begin with a Personal Online Dwelling, there will be many other types of Online Dwellings. Some examples include:

  • Shop Online Dwellings
  • Office Online Dwellings
  • Library Online Dwellings
  • Studio Online Dwellings
  • Bank Online Dwellings
  • Post Office Online Dwellings
  • Clinic Online Dwellings

And a multitude of others.

All Online Dwellings will consist of the Core Online Dwelling (Core OD) – the basic framework, and various plug-in modules.
In fact, all kinds of Online Dwellings will be built by simply adding specific modules to the Core OD.

For example, adding modules for selling products will make up a Shop Online Dwelling. Adding modules for collaboration will make up an Office Online Dwelling.

Sharing the same Core OD will enable the standardization and the security of interactions between all Online Dwellings.
And that, in turn, will allow for much automation and behind-the-scenes processing, liberating the users from unnecessary work and having to be technically savvy.


Even though each Online Dwelling will be independent, together, they will create a network – a standardized environment in which people can interact for personal and business purposes in a safer, more secure and easier way.

This environment, or the network of Online Dwellings, is called Cybe.
Cybe is a simple and elegant solution to many social and technical problems. It will allow us to further integrate the Internet into our daily activities and make life easier and more fun.

Cybe will not undermine any social or commercial system in the digital world. It is not in competition with any company, technology, or a segment of society. Instead, it seeks to improve everyone’s Internet experience.



Public Infrastructure For The Internet
Our goal is to establish an Internet, structured not as the exclusive domain of large corporations, but an Internet created for the people, by the people.

It’s the Internet where we, the individuals, have control of our digital identity, personal information and the way we choose to use the Internet in our daily lives.

Today, the Internet is primarily the domain of a handful of enormous corporations that dictate what we do online and how.
The individual has little or no say about how he or she can participate, other than choosing one commercial offering over another.

This has resulted in a fundamental flaw in the way the Internet has developed.

In the real world, private and public sectors balance each other’s power. On the Internet, power is concentrated in the hands of large corporations and successful start-ups, fighting for a share of the digital landscape.

Individuals and small businesses are unable to effectively participate in the online economy because they lack a safe home base and software tools that they can use without having to become an IT specialist.

The purpose of the Cybe initiative is to provide such tools and secure home bases for free, essentially creating public infrastructure on the Internet.

This infrastructure will substantially reduce our dependence on commercial providers and create a balance of power between consumers and suppliers.

The Cybe Corporation

The Cybe Corporation is envisioned as an international, democratic, non-profit organization that will change the corporate-centric model of the Internet and make it people-centric.

Its two main objectives will be to:
1) Provide the public infrastructure on the Internet in order to improve the lives of the common people, making it simpler and safer to do things online.

2) Stand up for the rights of individuals against corporations and lobby governments to protect the interests of the common people worldwide.

The main source of funding for the Cybe Corporation will come from the mixture of member contributions, government grants and service-based revenue.

All proceeds beyond covering the cost of operations will be invested in additional public infrastructure projects.


How the Cybe Corporation will be organized
The Cybe Corporation will be organized according to the following principles:

1. Complete public ownership – no commercial, governmental, social or political organizationis to participate.

2. Any individual from any society in any country is entitled to membership and to representation

3. Every individual, commercial, governmental, social or political group that wishes to participate in the development of Cybe in an advisory role will be given an opportunity to be heard

4. The Cybe Corporation will actively seek input from relevant and reputable industry leaders, governmental bodies and educational organizations

5. The Cybe Corporation will be governed by a group of well-respected individuals of international acclaim, from both the business and social spheres, who will serve as the Board of Directors, led by the Chairman

6. All operations of The Cybe Corporation, including financial records, plans and strategies, will be completely transparent and open to public scrutiny, except data protected by privacy laws

7. The Cybe Corporation will be a virtual organization, based exclusively on the Internet, employing qualified individuals from all over the world with respect for equal opportunity.

8. The world headquarters of the Cybe Corporation will be set up in Australia. Subsidiaries in every country, registered as loca non-profit organizations, will convey the opinions and wishes of their fellow citizens to the Board of Directors and be responsible for raising funds locally.


The Plan
To establish a powerful world-wide organization powered by the people it will serve.

Stage 1: Initial Awareness and Fund-Raising Campaign

  • Utilize existing crowd-funding websites to raise awareness andstart-up capital
  • Create the infrastructure to support further independent fund raising
  • Establish the legal framework around the independent fund-raising activities
  • Run a marketing campaign to facilitate the first independent round of fund raising

Stage 2: Establish The Cybe Corporation

  • Set up The Cybe Corporation as a legal entity
  • Hire the initial staff
  • Establish a framework of processes and procedures to govern the operations of The Cybe Corporation
  • Build the infrastructure (systems) to manage the operations of The Cybe Corporation and its employees
  • Build the infrastructure to accommodate the software development process
  • Build the infrastructure to accommodate volunteer contributions and liaisons with external institutions
  • Assemble the Board of Directors
  • Intensify fund-raising activities

Stage 3: Begin the Development

  • Begin the development of the Core Online Dwelling and the POD
  • Continue launching the remaining projects one-by-one as soon as sufficient budgets are achieved