Personal Online Dwellings – the Internet of the future



Just as you have a secure home in the real world, you need a secure home in the online world – the home base from which you conduct all your online activities.

Huge Benefits:

  • Regain your privacy, freedom, and independence
  • Keep all your personal data in one safe and secure place
  • Eliminate spam
  • Enjoy free software for personal and business use
  • Start using the Internet of tomorrow – today!


Do you feel exploited when websites use your personal data for their financial gain?
Are you fed up with them dictating the rules that restrict your personal activities?
Is your personal data fragmented across a number of sites?
Is it troublesome to keep track of all your online IDs and Passwords?
Do you hate spam and wish there was a way to eliminate it?

The answer to all these problems is a revolutionary new concept called Personal Online Dwellings.

Your Personal Online Dwelling (POD) is a secure Online Home where you can conduct your Internet life as you please – just the way you conduct your real life in your own home.




The Internet is becoming an ever-growing part of our lives. We’re going to be able to do more and more through it. So the problems we’re experiencing in these “early days” are only going to get worse.

Your own Personal Online Dwelling is a complete answer to protecting your privacy while you participate fully in your online life.

Having your own Personal Online Dwelling is about your privacy and security – and far more. It can actually become a complete control panel for your entire life!

Your POD will allow you to do things you’ve seen in movies and read about in science fiction novels. It will mimic your real life and help streamline many of your day-to-day activities, so you can have more time to enjoy yourself.

Yes, it is possible. In fact, you can help start to make it happen right now!

This is what the lounge room in your POD could look like. When you want to do something, you just click on the item you want to use. For instance, click on the TV to change the program or send it to your real lounge room TV.


My Personal Online Dwelling

Online Dwellings are a totally new concept that will revolutionize the Internet. They will be complete, independent virtual dwellings – safe and secure havens for our data and a home base for all our online activities.

Just like your own home, you’ll be able to have all your personal data, photos, and other stuff in one place. And not just as a collection of files but, in case of the photos, as pictures on the walls or photo albums on the bookshelf.

You’ll control it, as you should, instead of turning it over to some remote websites.

You see, the great thing about the POD is that it’s not a part of someone else’s website. It’s your own. You can pack it up and move it from one host to another. You can host it on your own computer, if you want to. No one can tell you what to do. You’ll be completely in charge.

In your POD you’ll be able to do all the same things you do on your home computer – like storing data and running application, just as safely and securely, but in a more convenient and fun way.

And you’ll be in total control who gets access to your personal data and how.

Imagine the possibilities: you could use any device to do things in your POD – no more worrying about different operating systems, no installing and re-installing software. All you’d need is a browser and an Internet connection.

And, if the device you were using malfunctioned, you’d just pick up another one and carry on like nothing happened.

You’ll be able to ‘furnish’ your POD any way you like and conduct your entire life from it. Well, nearly your entire life.

This is what a girl’s room in your POD could look like. You could click on the guitar and have a music lesson. Click on a magazine and read the latest issue. Click on the handbag or the bed linen and you could view the purchase receipt, warranty details and other useful information.


What about the service providers you now use?

Today, giant corporations like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and others dictate what we can and cannot do within their closed, commercially driven systems.

To use any of their services, you have to go to them, register, obey their rules, pay a premium or be bombarded by annoying advertisements.

Once you have your own POD, you can still go out to visit them if you want. But you can also invite them to come to you – and serve your needs on your terms.

When enough people have their own POD, today’s providers will want to come to you.

This evolution of how people participate in their online lives is inevitable. It will happen!

And the more things people do on the Internet, the more they’ll need to control their Internet lives – just the way they can control their offline lives in the privacy of their own homes.

Personal Online Dwellings are the answer.

You’ll have all you need – and you’ll control it all

My Social Media

You’ll be able to conduct your social media life your way, inviting who you want to be friends with and deciding who you want to exclude. All your personal information will remain in your own POD.

When you make a post or a status update, you’ll be able decide who you want to share it with, instead of a remote site deciding who it is going to and not going to share the post with.

You won’t have to share your personal information with any third-party website to be able to share it with your friends.

My Email

You’ll be able to take total control of who can get an email through to you and how.

Today, spammers and spam-filtering software make us do a lot of unnecessary work. Yet we still end up exposed to a lot of spam and sometimes lose important messages in the process.

In your POD, you’ll be able to easily control who can email you. If anyone begins to take advantage of their permissions, you can make them pay for the privilege. The more spam they send, the higher the cost.

So you’ll eliminate spam — forever. Not just reduce it. Eliminate it.

My Apps

We plan to develop lots of awesome free apps for you to use in your POD, including apps for your personal life, business life, your leisure time, your entertainment and anything else you want.

What you ask for we’ll make, and we’ll make it the way you want it.

At the same time a multitude of developers around the world will take advantage of the free and open-source nature of the Online Dwellings to develop their own apps for you, as well as take the ones we’ve developed and make them even better.

All our apps will be free but the individual developers will be able to charge for their apps.

And since we’ll provide a common platform for everyone to sell their apps, you’ll be able to ‘furnish’ your POD any way you like.

The picture of a bachelor’s POD below is another example of what a POD room could look like. Every item in the picture is meant to do something upon a click or a touch.


Clicking or touching any of the bookcases in the picture will launch the Media Library module:



Why is this urgent?

There are many threats we are facing on the Internet today and more difficulties ahead. As long as we’re each “homeless,” we’ll be exposed to them.

Online Dwellings are an overarching solution that will answer many of today’s problems and enable us to meet future challenges head-on.

Web Scraping
If you run an online search for your own name, you’re likely to be unpleasantly surprised. You’ll probably see snippets of information about you that have leaked out of various sites.

You don’t mind some bits of this information being out there but others you’d rather not have exposed.

Yet there isn’t much you can do about it. Once your information it is out there, unscrupulous people can collect it over time and use it to pose as you to steal your money or commit other crimes.

Limiting your activities and your information on the Internet is not a good solution, since you must forgo many benefits that you could enjoy.

You need a long-term protection strategy – and Online Dwellings offer just that.

Data Farming
Have you heard of Data Farming? It’s when vast amounts of data from the Internet is being gathered, collated and analyzed. Many big companies do it and anyone with sufficient resources can, too.

They are watching our every move – every post we make, every site we visit.
The sequence of our actions tells them how we think, how we make decisions and what we’re likely to do next.

How they use this information is anyone’s guess. But wouldn’t you rather be in control of who can use your information and how?

Online Dwellings enable you to have full control of your personal data and your online identity.

The Internet of Things is approaching fast. Soon every appliance in our homes and every piece of electronic equipment we use will be connected to the Internet.

The amounts of data about us and our personal life will increase a hundred-fold. Who will own that data and how will it be used?

We should own it and decide what happens to it. Online Dwellings will make managing this data easy and simple.

Yes, it’s all possible – and built for the people, by the people

Fund the Cybe Initiative and help us build the Cybe Corporation – a non-profit organization devoted to the establishment of free, secure online homes for everyone.

We want to create an independent international organization that represents your interests and has the power to change the corporate-centric model of the Internet and make it people centric.

Our goal is to establish an Internet geared towards improving the lives of the common people, making it simpler and safer to do things online.

We want to develop Cybe by unleashing the creativity of people worldwide – IT experts, app designers, and the millions of people who will own their own online home.

The Cybe (non-profit) Corporation will be an open, transparent organization, governed by the Board of Directors that you will choose.

All of our activities will be on display in real time, and you’ll be able to take part in everything we do.

We will hire the best IT professionals from around the world to develop Online Dwellings and the great apps we plan to provide. We will work around the clock to make it a reality as fast as possible.

The more money we can raise, the more people we can hire – and the sooner you’ll have your Online Home, with your privacy, independence and awesome apps.

Your free Online Dwelling – before anybody else

The people who contribute to help launch the Cybe Initiative will be the first to have their own Online Dwelling.

So contribute now! Your support is the first step toward regaining your online privacy and freedom.

We will remember and look after every person who stands behind us in these early days of Cybe – a development that marks the beginning of a new era of the Internet.

This urgent initiative depends on your help. We need your support, your ideas, your energy and your talent.

Contribute now and let’s build the Internet of the future together!

As a Cybe Supporter, you will enjoy:

Our Gratitude
A ‘thank you’ note from the Cybe team, posted on your wall of a social network of your choice

Free Technical Support
For this fund raising campaign only, every donor will have a lifetime of free technical support.

Advanced Releases / Preview
Cybe supporters will be able to download all new software releases two weeks earlier than the rest of the world.

A place in the Cybe Hall of Fame
Depending on your contribution, and to acknowledge that you had the foresight to help jump-start Cybe, you’ll be awarded one of the below supporter ranks and issued with one of our exclusive badges.

You can display these badges wherever you like – on your websites and social media profiles. Each badge will be a link to your personal record, a plaque or a page in the Cybe Hall of Fame, commemorating your part in the history of the Internet.

How will YOU be remembered?


Answers to Questions

What is this project all about?
A: As time progresses, people will conduct larger and larger part of their lives through the Internet. In order to do that efficiently, a new type of infrastructure will be required to support these activities – something that does not exist today. This project is about creating that infrastructure.

Q: Is the POD going to be the total new infrastructure you’re talking about?
A: No, the POD is a critically important part of the total infrastructure.

Q: As far as I understand, the POD is intended to be a digital repository to store videos, photos, files, calendars etc. This is a very common idea and lots of websites already do this, so what’s new about a POD?
A: The POD is more like your home computer. You’ll be able to store your personal data in it but you’ll also be able to run programs and use that data the same way you’d use it on your computer.

Q: Why would I want my computer on the Internet? I’m quite happy with my computer at home.
A: As technology evolves, connectivity permeates our daily lives more and more. We use multiple computers – at work, at home, in airports, overseas, etc. Very soon our TVs, refrigerators, cars and other appliances will become web-enabled. We need all our data and programs managed in one central place and accessible from any computer or web-enabled device anywhere in the world.

Q: There are companies who already provide such services. You log into their website and use it as you would your computer.
A: The majority of people would not trust their personal data to some third-party website. These websites, however reputable, cannot be guaranteed to be around in the long run. Plus there will always be data security concerns.

Q: So how is the POD different in that regard?
A: The POD is not one large website that accommodates everyone, like Facebook, iCloud or Gmail. A POD is your individual self-contained website that you can host with any web hosting provider. So you can do what you want with it. Sensitive personal data will be encrypted with your personal key, and no one but you will have access to it.

Q: So people would have to download the POD and then upload it to an ISP and install it?
A: Yes, and pretty soon most ISPs will offer one-click installation of PODs, so the users won’t need to go through the trouble.

Q: What is the revenue model? Are you going to charge people to download their PODs?
A: There are multiple revenue streams. The basic model of the POD will be free. But we want to be self-sustaining and have the funds to do more and more for people. Due its modular structure, people, including ourselves, will be able to develop advanced modules and offer them directly to users for free or for a fee. Further revenue streams can be based on the hosting and other services, such as pay-per-use applications and even pay-per-view entertainment. There are several other revenue streams.

Q: So how is this project going to work? Is this a community-based development?
A: Not quite or it would be difficult to make it self-sustaining. Our goal is to deliver great free software for the people of the world in the most effective way possible. To do it, the project is going to be a commercial development, but all profits will be re-invested into bigger and better products for the public. It will be subject to a commercial organizational structure. We will appoint a Board of Directors, a CEO, a Chief Financial Officer and a Senior Project Manager. The project will be split into multiple streams and a project manager and a development team will be assigned to each stream.

Q: Who is funding this? How are you going to pay all these people?
A: We will initiate multiple fundraising campaigns. A key part will be the revenue we’re able to raise at Indiegogo. We also plan to place a campaign on other crowd-funding sites. All of the money raised will be pooled together to fund the project. But we won’t always have to live on donations. There are government grants, service-based revenue, and side ventures. So we can become self-sufficient and continue to deliver great free software to you and people worldwide.

For more information on Cybe, please, click here.